Our core business revolves around providing support to artists or institutions in the creative industry or the humanities in their work with electronic and digital technologies. We can consult, write software, design hardware, build toolchains or develop entire projects or processes.

Technology on stage


Whether you need to interface existing stage machinery, capture and edit live video or use pulsed infrared lasers to remotely control a flock of pigeons: We can assist by building systems that are robust, fault tolerant and won't let you down in the middle of your show.

Software-controlled exhibitions

Plusmínusnula galéria

We can help you build exhibitions that use sensors to perceive their environment and react to events. We can use mechanic components to make your installations move. Or we can design user interfaces to display interactive content. Our systems are optimized for constant operation and require minimal maintenance from personnel.

Custom-designed electronics

Konglomerat MIDI

If you need a specific device that just does not exist on the market, it might be possible to build it. We can design and build circuitry to your exact use case or specifications.

Digital humanities


With most of our members having a solid background in the humanities we know the challenges facing researchers in their every-day work. We build workflows that are efficient, team-oriented and minimize the chance of data loss through extensive use of version control. We can analyse data and produce results suitable for long-term archiving while adhering to established best practices of research data management.

Network & infrastructure


We can build database systems or office environments that are tailored to your organisations needs. We use open source software to build transparent data structures with no license fees and no vendor lock-in.

Live video & streaming


Your conference or your performance can reach a bigger audience over the internet. We can provide you with the means to capture, edit and broadcast your event in real time.

Conferences & workshops


We see cooperation and the building of a community as an essential part of our work. We like to share our know-how in workshops that can be adjusted to virtually any level of pre-existing knowledge. From time to time we take part in conferences to present our projects and share our experiences.